Car Park

Victory Convention Centre Car Park

Licence plate recognition (LPR) technology operates in VCC’s safe and secure multi-level car parking facility.  The site has 19 cameras in its 24/7 closed circuit television monitoring operation.  Wheelchair access is on all levels. 

Security Help is available 24/7.  Phone 021 515 730 and a Security Guard will help you.

Day-Time Monthly Parking is available at $315 per month.  Hours are 5am – 7pm Monday to Friday.  To rent a space, Contact the office on 021 0296 3659 or email

Casual Hourly Rate $4.00 per hour

All Day Parking  (5am – 7pm) $18.00.  After 7pm the Casual Hourly Rate accumulates to your account

Multi-Entry Day Pass $20.00  After 7pm the Casual Hourly Rate accumulates to your account

Evening Parking (5pm – 12am Midnight)  $8.00

Hours of Operation 5am – 12am Midnight  Sunday Church attenders park FREE.

Payment Kiosks are located in B2 lobby at Beaumont Street end of car park, and in B1 lobby at Auditorium end.

How does LPR payment work?  Payment is made before exiting the car park.  Before returning to your vehicle, stop at a payment kiosk.  With one finger touch screen to start; key in your licence plate number.  Kiosk screen will display your parking costs.  Pay by EFTPOS or credit card.  At exit barrier your licence plate number will be scanned as having paid and the barrier arm will lift.

Why can’t I pay with cash?  For the personal security of our parkers we decided it was necessary to operate cashless machines.  If you only have cash, press the Help button and an Attendant will assist you.

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