1. Can I use this online channel if I am a monthly account holder?
    Sure you can, if you have a monthly account with VCC, you should have provided your email address to us.  Follow step 1, then click on the “Forgot your password?” option.  Then follow the prompt. If you don’t see an email from info@victoryconventioncentre.co.nz to your supplied email address, then check your spam box. If nothing there, please email us at info@victoryconventioncentre.co.nz providing your name and contact number.  Someone will get back to you.
  2. Can I pay using my EFTPOS account?
    Unfortunately, the ecommerce channel is only available for the Credit and Debit Card account holder only. EFTPOS  payment can only be processed by the onsite Payment Kiosk machine.
  3. How many car registration numbers can I use?
    You can maintain as many car plate numbers at the account plate field as you like separated by comma for each plate.  It is not designed to take a long list however, it should work well for up to 5 number plates.
  4. What if I don’t see my car status even when I have my car checked into the VCC carpark?
    In the rare occasion this would happen, please use the onsite Payment Kiosk machine to search for your car plate. The search function is not available for online users for security & privacy reasons.
  5. What if I paid online and the exit barrier is not opening for my car?
    This could only happen when the exit camera is not able to match your car plate number.  You could either press the “Retry” button on screen OR press the “Yes” button for passcode. Each time when you made a payment, you will be given a passcode for the entry.

    If anyone has further questions, please email us on info@victoryconventioncentre.co.nz or contact our office 09-3775709 during office hour.